Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Freakshow: British Zombie Haunts Sewers

From the Daily Mail, a UK news service...

"Ghostbuster called in after sewage workers stalked by 'zombie' in underground tunnels"

An exerpt:

It sounds like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

But staff at a sewage works have called in a ghostbuster because they are being stalked by a zombie-like figure who roams the underground tunnels.

Workers at Southern Water's treatment plant in Eastbourne, East Sussex, said they have been scared to enter tunnels after being followed about by a "humanoid figure" as they went about their jobs.

Mark Wey, a sewage treatment worker, got permission from his bosses to hire a paranormal investigator to launch an investigation into the sewage spirits.

Mr Wey hired parapsychologist Michael Kingscote who paid the tunnels a visit.

The clairvoyant said: "There seems to be one particular area that's giving people the creeps. People have seen and felt things."

This is just too much fun...


Max said...

Man, Badelaire, I hate to be that guy, but I can't help but think the money'd be better spent on a team of search dogs and some security cameras.

And, just in case, poll-axes of course.

Infamous Jum said...

I think its obvious who you call in a situation like this: a photographer or two, a soup kitchen operator, and the Captain of the local police. It worked in the 80s and it can work today, dammit!

Darkwing said...

oh, give me a break...