Friday, August 1, 2008

Fight On! Summer Release and 40K Chatter

Sorry I've been so quiet lately - gaming (at least RPG-style gaming) hasn't been much on my mind lately. I did want to point out that the second issue of Fight On! has been released. One of the articles in there came from this blog, and I hope everyone enjoys it. Mentioning this here is of course a little silly, since anyone who's reading this I'm sure is keeping close tabs on FO!, but hey, it's all good.

I've been getting in a lot of reading (more on that at a later date) and I've been ruminating on Warhammer 40K - specifically the recent release of their 5th Edition rules set. With this release comes a new starter boxed set, containing Orks and Space Marines. The ork contingent is especially interesting, as it's got a new warboss, the first one in ages, and looking pretty awesome to boot. But what is more interesting is all the great Space Marine goodies, especially when you consider that this whole boxed set is only $60 - just the tactical squad alone is $35 normally, plus $50 for the terminators, $40 for the dreadnought, and $15 for the captain - that's $140 worth of marines for $60, not counting all the orks, plus mini-rulebook and accessories! Probably one of the best deals Games Workshop has ever put out. There's never been a better time for me to pick up the starter box, and with one fell swoop both expand on my already massive ork army and (finally) begin serious work on a space marines army - the Red Wolves chapter, official only in so much as it was noted in "how to paint space marines", so it's "official", but completely open to interpretation. So over the next few months, I'll be trying to post about my fluff and army organization.


PatrickWR said...

Glad to hear the 40k boxed set appears to be a good deal. I'm curious about your take on the setting...word on the street is that they've advanced the plot a little bit and introduced a few new story elements into the 41st millenium.

Badelaire said...

I'm not really that enthused with the whole "On the verge of the Apocalypse!" idea. Once you take a fiction timeline like this and set everything at the fifty-ninth second of the fifty-ninth minute of the twenty-third hour, there's nowhere to go but right into the toilet. It's something that happened to the World of Darkness setting, and it made a lot of fans really unhappy. Because sitting right at the moment before "the end of the world", there's nowhere to go plotwise except, that's right, into the end of the world...and that's just not cool.

Now, as with the WoD and the 40K-verse, you can feel free to ignore the timeline and/or set things in the past so that future events are irrelevant. However, what one does in the privacy of one's own home is all well and good, but people are paying good money for these products, and part of what they are paying for is a story line that they can immerse themselves in and enjoy as part of the play experience. Muddying those waters (or just draining the lake) isn't good business practice.