Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Feature: Campaign in a Bottle

I'm one of those GMs who, for whatever reason, always has a slew of campaign ideas running through my head at any given time. It's probably one of the reason I tend to run short campaigns of about a year or so - I latch onto one great idea, run with it, and within a few months, start getting fish-hooked by another "great idea". I eventually wind down the current campaign, and dive into the new idea - wash, rinse, repeat.

So, since I can't constantly be running games left right and center, I figured I'd start sharing some of my ideas with all of you - thus was born Campaign in a Bottle. I'll try to post a semi-regular campaign premise, something not too terribly original but perhaps an idea with a little bit of a twist on it - I've got a few ideas bubbling away in the still, ready to be 'bottled' and posted. I'll try to get one of them up either today or tomorrow, and put up another one every week or two.

And yes, that song by The Police is going through my head too. Sorry about that.

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