Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Ramblings

Just a quick post today - it's been a busy week. I just made myself one of those little banner ads you can place in .sigs and the like. Sometimes having access to design software at work can be very nice. Nothing special or flashy, but I think it looks nice:

I've been contemplating this blog - I'm still having fun with it and there's more that I have to say, but I'm trying to decide whether it needs a stronger "voice" or "direction" or, in the end, if it's best to leave it as more of a catch-all of my gaming/sci-fi/fantasy ramblings.

I know a number of my readers belong to the RPG Bloggers Network - what do you all think of it? I've considered applying, but for whatever reason, it just feels too "establishment" to me. I don't feel like this blog adheres to one "camp" or another, and while I think that's ok, I also think it might limit my readership.

So for better or for worse, anyone think of anything I could write about or do here that they'd like to see? I have thought of asking a few of my gaming buddies to do guest posts - one of my friends recently acquired StarSiege, loves it, and has actually written a program that generates equipment using it's "trappings" rules. There's also Darkwing, who guest-posted on From The Warp this week, and I wouldn't mind having him write a guest spot here.

One other note - tonight me and a bunch of my friends are going to go and see My Name Is Bruce, with The Man Himself attending the screening and doing a Q&A. It should be a rockin' time. it pains me when I mention Bruce Campbell to college kids these days and I just get a blank stare - back when I was in college, Army of Darkness was a frequent late-night dorm room movie.

Quick update - I've re-worked the mini-banner to go with the new title font. I think it looks pretty sweet.


PatrickWR said...

Here's my 2 cents re: the RPG Bloggers network. I get more motivated when I get comments and site traffic -- and the RPG Bloggers network gives me the exposure that generates comments and traffic. So it's a net win for me. And it's hardly "establishment" -- they require only an rpg-specific blog feed to get started. I'd say go for it -- IMHO it's cool to feel like you're part of something.

Zachary The First said...

I've really enjoyed my time with the RPGBloggers. They don't force anything on you, there's a lot of varying types of blogs on there (no set ideaology), the crossover traffic is nice, and I've found some blogs I otherwise never would have. I don't find much of what they ask (a RPG-only feed, if your site dives into lots of other topics, and a link back) to be intrusive or difficult. You could try it, and if you don't like it, I'm sure they'd remove you without any fuss.

Whatever you do, I hope you keep up the great work! :)

Joseph said...

I've got to agree with patrick and zachary on the RPG Bloggers Network. There's almost no work at all on my part to be a member (just putting up the banner; a one-time thing) and then my site gets a little more traffic. It's worth it, as far as I can tell.

RonSaikowski said...

If nothing else, it gets you exposed to others out there and with the cross traffic, you might end up finding new topics or exploring old ones again from a different perspective.

I can tell you that since I got in on a Blog Club, I've had more things to write about and come across more new stuff than I ever thought I would. I have to limit myself to a post every other day.

Darkwing said...

I think you're limiting yourself if you keep the blog too focused. Write about what you want to write about, whether it be RPGs, wargaming, pulp action movies or just gaming in general. You can always sort the content by using the blog tags to categorize things by subject.

Since games frequently have the similar interests, I doubt that you'd make people abandon your blog by talking about a Bruce Campbell movie, or Warhammer 40k, instead of pure RPGs.

Your blog can't be hurt by too much content. It CAN be hurt by too little.

Dr-Rotwang said...

StarSIEGE program...?

Badelaire said...

Yup. I'll be posting his review of StarSiege here within a couple of days. After that, we might be able to entice him to provide a link to the program.

Scott said...

Heh, as author of said program, I must admit it's extremely primitive, and the final output still needs hand-finishing for clarity. I'd also wonder about the IP issues involved in distributing such a thing. (Though I suppose I could always post it as a documentationless applet and just say, "Want to know what these numbers labeled "RSTV" are doing? Buy the box!")