Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Update on the Dark Sun Setting

Spotted in this post on Dragonsfoot, it appears the folks over at have released the newest (and apparently final) version of their Dark Sun Core Rules book.

I have just given it a brief skimming-over, but it looks very cool. Chapters 7, 8, 9, and 11 in particular are pretty awesome and are also largely system-independent. Despite a lot of D&D 3.5 talk and rules, a good Castle Keeper or older D&D edition DM could parse through it all and come up with a really good campaign. Chapter 11 especially, "Other Ages of Play", will be a balm to those who don't like the infusing of the published "meta-plot" into the game.

Definitely worth a download and perusal if you have any interest in Dark Sun or Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy in general.


eriochrome said...

We used to exclusively play Dark Sun back in the day. Even built our own "Skills and Powers" rules for it. That was probably 10 years ago now. I actually had a Dark Sun webpage on geocities like all the gaming blogs now days on blogger. Great fun.

You mention 3.5 edition but are they not o 4th edition now.

taichara said...

Sweet. I have the previous iteration (or maybe second-to-previous?) printed out, along with the critters and the Dead Lands material ...

It's huge. It also lives with the rest of my DS hoard.