Wednesday, October 28, 2009

72 Hours Left in Halloween Adventure Contest

Just a heads-up that there's three days left in the Halloween One-Shot Adventure Contest. If you have an idea for a Halloween-themed adventure, or an adventure that you think fits your vision of the spirit of the season, check out the link to the upper left of this column and submit me an adventure pitch by the end of the day Friday. The winner gets a $31 online gift certificate to RPGnow or somesuch online RPG distributor.

Over the weekend I caught Night of the Demons. This is a "bad" 80's teenage-party-turned-bloodbath horror film, but it was completely and utterly watchable. A bunch of teenagers decide to hold their Halloween party in an old abandoned funeral parlor (site of a horrific bloodbath years ago) that happens to sit next to a cemetery and resides on land considered "tainted" by the Native Americans who used to live in the area. As you can imagine, this doesn't end well.

I've embedded the trailer for the movie below. This was obviously meant to be a theatrical trailer as it has some "adult content" (i.e., a couple of quick boob flashes). So just keep in mind that it's not "safe for work". I caught it on Comcast's On Demand under FearNet, so if you happen to have this as part of your cable network, I highly recommend it.

Edit: Looks like Youtube took the video down. Ah well - catch it if you can see it. There might be another clip out there somewhere.

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