Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween One-Shot Adventure - 10 Days Left

Just a note to everyone out there that there's ten days left for the Halloween One-Shot Adventure Contest (note the link to the upper-left hand side of the blog). $31 in online gift certificates to RPGnow or another online RPG vendor to the person who writes me the best "Halloween Adventure". I've only gotten a couple of submissions so far, although I've received a couple notes telling me that they'll be sending in submissions.

Right now, it's looking like unless I get a deluge of submissions, I'll probably extend the submissions deadline beyond the 23rd. If I do, I'll definitely give a heads-up here. Also, I'm probably not going to get enough submissions for a PDF "book" of adventure Ideas, but I can certainly put together what I get as a PDF if people are interested.

So if anyone is still interested, or even if you haven't heard about it yet, take a look at the post and submission guidelines and have a go at it.

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