Monday, October 5, 2009

PAX Comes to Boston, March 26-28th

I'm not really a convention-attender. I've been to a couple of science fiction book conventions here in Boston over the years (although it's been a while) but the most I ever really do is wander around for a day or so and maybe sit in on a couple of discussions, and then wander out again vaguely disturbed. I've attended Boskone a couple of times, but I've never been to Arisia, although I might have to make an effort to attend both this year.

However, what I am pretty excited about is PAX East this March. I'm not a rabid fan of Penny Arcade, but they are pretty funny, and since the Hynes is dead easy for me to get to, I'm just a little too tempted. And, if I make the effort and attend all three conventions this year, it'll be interesting to see each in turn and note the similarities and differences between the three. Boskone is a pretty hardcore science-fiction and fantasy literature convention, although it'll pay some acknowledgement to movies and TV and fandom and gaming and whatnot. Arisia is apparently the "anti-Bokone" (and not just in name), and is much more the generic "sci-fi convention". PAX, I think, is going to be a much younger, more frenetic convention, and so seeing each in turn and experiencing what each of them has to offer will be a lot of fun.

Also, on a much more personal-agenda level, it gives me something of a deadline to work with. I'm seriously considering getting a "fast-play" or "intro" version of the T&B RPG done for the con season, printing up a bazillion copies, and distributing them, guerilla style, at each of the three conventions. I might also bring along with me finished and bound copies of the game, alone with (if I get REALLY ambitious) CDs of all the PDFs I'll have at the time, as well as T&B Blog business cards (yes, my dreams really do extend that far, it's a little sad).

Anyhow, Boston-area gamers and / or bloggers, mark your calenders. Con season is a few months away, and it's time to represent.


Saragon said...

Man, a shame that in late March I'll be finishing the process of building a house and won't be able to attend; it'd have been a good opportunity to meet people and get some advertising in for Tabletops. Eh, well, maybe the next year.

I do want to encourage you to hand out quick-play rules for T&B, especially if you can use that as a loss-leader for the CDs and finished copies. That sort of word-of-mouth advertising works incredibly well. (You might also include a URL for PDF copies of those quick-play rules on the handouts -- easier for people to tweet that URL when describing your game if they like it.)

Tyler said...

There's been a great deal of murmuring in my circle here in Burlington about making the trek down for PAX East. A surprising amount, considering the non-interest I've seen when it comes to Arisia or Boskone.

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