Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jumping on the Google Wave Bandwagon

I received a Wave invite to my personal e-mail address a couple of weeks ago, but I was finally given the ability to send invites myself yesterday, at which point I added my blogging e-mail account. So, Badelaire is officially "wave-able" at the following address:

j dawt e dawt badelaire aht googlewave dawt com (I think you can figure that out...).

I've found a couple of neat little gaming related devices to help things mechanically speaking. The first is a little "bot" called Random Lee Twenty. Add this little fellow to whatever wave you need dice rolling, and he'll re-edit your blip to give a result for any die code you enter (i.e., 1d20+2, 3d6, etc..).

A somewhat simpler widget is this little chunk of XML code that you can add to your blip as a "gadget via URL". You plug that URL in, it adds a little window to the blip. Type in your die code in the window and hit "Roll!" and it'll generate for you a result.

People have played RPGs long distance ever since RPGs were created. Play by post, PBEM, play via chat, skype, webcam...but I think Google Wave has a good shot for, at the very least, laying the foundation of convergent communications technologies that will combine elements of other communication forms (IM, e-mail, blogs, wikis, boards) into something more than the sum of its parts.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested in experimenting with Wave and gaming, please feel free to send a Wave my way.


Ragnorakk said...

I'm waiting waiting waiting to see if I get one - did ask for one earlier this week... if you feel like sending invites out, i got an email address for ya! spaceagecouple AT gmail ;) (no sweat if you wanna save 'em)

Rob Lang said...

Ragnorakk - would you like an invite? I have some going spare.

Rich said...

If someone has an invite to spare, I'd like one....please?