Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Back into the Gaming Groove

Coming back to RPGs after a year or more of being on hiatus is weird, but I'm beginning to enjoy the process again.  One of the things I've started working on is actual playtesting for the T&B RPG.  I'm developing a magical "post-apocalyptic" mini-setting, which I'm calling "The Mad God's Sandbox".  I'm populating it with a lot of less than bog-standard fantasy races; ratmen, lizardmen, birdmen, inscect-men, sentient undead and golems as non-human PC races.  I'm trying to come up with some fun adventures and interesting ways in which I can play with the rules and see how they help or hinder gameplay.

The response I've gotten from the Delta Green adventure was very positive, and I hope to have a follow-up adventure in a few weeks.  The players all seem to be attached to their pre-gens in one way or another, so at most I think there will be a little skill-tweaking and re-shuffling.  Hopefully that game will continue on in a happy fashion.

I'm also trying to get back to working on my 40K miniatures.  It has been over a year since I've played a game of 40K, but I've made some new gaming contacts and it'd be nice to get a game up and running soon.  I recently went through and took stock of my models and what needed to be done to make some improvements, so I have my "work orders" planned out for the next few months.

Also, my old Castles & Crusades gaming group may be finally getting back together after more than a year and a half hiatus.  That should be a lot of fun - if we all remember what we were doing when the game ended last time!

Anyhow, just wanted to pass along some updates and let the world know that the blog is still alive and kicking!


Anonymous said...

IIRC, we had just taken down a Tyrannosaurus - the one summoned by that small tribe of jaguar people after we blew through what was probably the majority of their able-bodied warriors. We were about to reach a ruin that had killed off our wizardly employer's previous party. Fun times.

Anonymous said...

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