Thursday, January 5, 2012

Painted Miniature: Old School Ranger

This miniature came to me from the same fellow who gave me the dwarf from the previous blog post.  Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a "before" picture of the unpainted mini, but there wasn't much to get excited about except a somewhat battered lead figure. 

Unlike the dwarf, I decided to paint this fellow in green shades, given his obvious ranger appearance.  He's got a sword, a bow and arrows, and a very "Horn of Gondor"-like hunting horn.  The clothes are all shades of Games Workshop greens, the horn is Bleached Bone (as are the arrows) banded with Dwarf Bronze.  The hilt of the sword is also bronze.  I gave the greens a wash of Thraka Green and his flesh tones and the horn a wash of Delvan Mud. 

All in all I think he turned out...okay.  Part of the problem with these old lead minis is it's SO easy for them to get dinged up, and this one spent about twenty years rattling around in the bottom of someone's painting case, and I don't think it was a terribly high-quality sculpt to begin with, but it does have a certain degree of homely character to it, and the model overall was fun to paint (I was listening to The Fellowship of the Ring audio dramatization while painting, so there was some good inspiration going on at the time.

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