Friday, March 20, 2009

He's Just a Geek, But Aren't We All?

So as I'm flipping past the Sci-Fi (or is it now SyFy?) channel a few days ago, I catch the last ten minutes or so of a particularly lame episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation. In general I'm not a fan of the series because it tends to lack the fistfights and drinking and slutting around of TOS that I love so much. However, it did have Wil Wheaton in it, and his youthful, stilted delivery warmed the sub-cockle region of my heart (thank you, Dennis Leary, for that term).

It also reminded me to go look up his blog again, which I do once every couple of years. But this time, I was wise and dropped it into the blogroll <----- over there. I would never call Wheaton an "idol" of mine or some crap like that, but it's neat to see a guy who pretty much grew into adulthood immersed in nerd culture and who didn't later in life run screaming from it. He's also got a pretty good blurb in this book, which I enjoy flipping through now and then (I was looking through it when I watched Bender's Game, probably the best D&D movie of all time).

So anyhow, give Wheaton's blog a look-see if you like. His latest post is about some DMing tips he's re-remembered while starting up some 4th Edition gaming for his son and his buddies. Some classic advice that's always worth "re-remembering" even if you've been GMing for ages.

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