Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Post-Modern Pulps Blog Is Alive Again

A wee bit of self promotion this morning. Before this blog, I had started up a blog entitled "Post-Modern Pulps", which was intended to take the place of a website in the same vein I had up and running for three years previously. Post-Modern Pulps dealt with the pulpy "men's adventure" fiction of the 60's into the 80's (and in some cases, beyond).

Well, my interest in working on that blog waned after a short while, and I began on working on this blog. However, something occurred recently that made me pick up interest in that blog again, and I've resurrected it, re-designed the layout, photoshopped up a new title graphic, and I've got some more content rolling along to post there.

So if you're a fan of the men's adventure genre, and the cheesy 60's - 80's era series of that time in particular, keep an eye on the following blog:


I hope to keep it updated at least every couple of weeks, posting material there that isn't really complimentary to Tankards & Broadswords. If something of interest to the T&B crowd finds it's way onto the PMP blog, I'll be sure to give a heads up over here.

So drop by and say hello if you're so inclined.

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