Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tankards and Broadswords RPG Ready For Playtesting

So after a lot of puttering around and poking at the thing, I think it's finally time to playtest the game. Most of the basic rules for character creation are finished, my weapons and armor rules are done, I have a fair amount of both monsters and magic to throw at any perspective playtest characters. It's now really just a matter of running a playtest game now. Here's what the cover currently looks like:

First, I need to convince my regular Castles & Crusades players to take time off from a session to run a T&B game. This will be difficult since most of them aren't really "gamers" who find new systems all that interesting - if you give them one method for clubbing goblins and taking their stuff, why do they need another method? This is a problem that's plagued casual gamers for decades now, and the answer can still be elusive.

Second, I need to come up with a good scenario. Something that will test the system but won't overly tax the players' ability to understand the rules. I'm considering a fantasy scenario, but honestly that might just take up time getting their head into what's going on rather than playing the adventure and learning the system. A historical or modern game might be fun, but then the magic can't really play into it unless it's a "fantastical history" game. One thought that has crossed my minds is a Heroic Greek era adventure similar to Jason & the Argonauts (and no, I haven't seen the remake, and yes, I'm sure I will at some point). Fight some monsters, sail the seas, take on a wizard or some crap like that.

Third, one thing I want to do to prepare for the playtest is to create a "cheat sheet" for the game that's short enough to go on the back of the character sheet. It'll have to fit on one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, landscape layout. Here's the current version of the character sheet:

More to come as things progress. For now, gotta prepare for next weekend's C&C game...


Fenway5 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Wow, that is fantastic news! I'm really looking forward to hearing how it goes and what you learn from your play testing!

Good luck!

Rob Lang said...

Well done, old chap! A great big milestone passed there. Keep us posted on your progress.