Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Commando RPG Not Dead, Just Reloading

Just wanted to get out a quick morning post to say that work continues, slowly but surely, on my Commando RPG project. The player's documentation is more or less completed as a draft document, and the arms and equipment guide is perhaps a third complete.

Right now the focus is on preparing the operations manual, and for this I have purchased, and am slowly plowing through, a stack of Osprey titles covering the OSS, the SOE, British Commandos, the French Maquis, and more - it's quite the slushpile.

My movie viewings are also continuing; I've got The Longest Day and A Bridge Too Far on deck right now, with more to take their place once the viewing is done. Sadly, once the fall came about, I lost a lot of my free time, and the RPG development cycle slowed to an almost-halt.

And that's pretty much it. Apologies to those whose blogs I usually read and comment on; haven't had a chance to do much blog-reading (or any leisure reading, period) lately, but I hope everyone out there is continuing to do good work.


Rob Lang said...

I'm waiting. Still. ;-)

Keep going, mate but remember to release something soon. Doesn't have to be complete, give us a taste!

Jack Badelaire said...

Thanks for the comment, Rob; what I hope to do once I'm relatively happy with the Operative's Handbook is to use Blogger's "Pages" feature to make a web-friendly version of the document as a beta release of sorts. Will probably do that after the new year.

Simmo said...

Hey Jack, I've just been googling around for a Commandos RPG - i had in mind the Commandos Behind Enemy Lines computer game and something equally accessible and reasonably fast paced to play.

Lo and behold, it looks like that's just what you've been working on.

I was looking into this for (amongst other things) a gaming weekend at the end of March. It sounds like you're not ready to release but is it in a state for play testing yet? I think it would go down well with my mates.

All the best and good luck with the project

Jack Badelaire said...

Simmo - shoot me an e-mail (its in my profile) and I'll see about passing along some of the material. The basic info needed to make characters and play out a mission exists; the writing just needs some polish. I can still pass it along and would love some feedback.