Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whoring Myself on Twitter

For the longest time, I was utterly adverse to the idea of Twitter. The concept of "micro-blogging" every aspect of my life - this coffee is too hot, my belt doesn't match my shoes, this line is soooo long - made me gag a little. Even when I began blogging here a couple of years ago, there was a bit of self-loathing at the thought that I had become a "blogger", with all the negative connotations of self-absorption and narcissism that came along with it. The thought of using Twitter just magnified those feelings tenfold.

But I've been "tweeting" now since just before Halloween, and I see the appeal. A lot of little things come to mind that, for one reason or another, I feel like sharing, but consider the ideas too trivial or off-topic to post on any of my blogs. I guess I'm one of those people who feels that writing a blog entry isn't just about throwing out a couple of sentences (as evidenced by the prattle above), but writing a coherent essay of sorts on the topic at hand.

With Twitter, however, if you've got an idea or comment you want to share (and can fit it into 140 characters or less), it only takes a moment and out it goes. There is of course the danger of over-sharing, and I dread the day I've got a phone smart enough to make tweeting on the go an easy proposition (my phone can do it, but it's not a simple matter). But for now, a handful of thoughts a day can be passed along to interested parties, to be ignored or read at their discretion.

So, if you want to be one of those interested parties, you can now follow me on Twitter. A word of warning; I don't really talk about gaming, but mostly books, movies, liquor, food, guns, writing, television - these days it seems like anything BUT gaming. I'm sure it'll come up, but I often find more interest in talking about those things tangential to gaming rather than the hobby itself.

Anyhow, you've been forewarned...


The Happy Whisk said...

Hey, I just popped in to see how your writing is going and I see you have a Twitter account. Glad you are having fun with it.

I'm still not ready for Twitter, or Facebook. Just coming on a month of blogging though and loving it.

So ... how's the writing going?

Jack Badelaire said...

The writing is going...not as well as I'd hoped. Plenty of blockage, and I'm in need of a creativity bran muffin.

Hopefully the Tweeting and Blogging will spur me on to get more accomplished on my current project.

Thanks for checking in on me though - much appreciated (and I dig the "writing nook".

The Happy Whisk said...

Hey Jack - I never heard the phrase creativity bran muffin. That's pretty good.

Do you mean my writing nook? If so, thanks. I was sharing the kitchen with my writing and it was a bit much. Love the view of our backyard, hated to have to keep putting away my writing when it came time to cook. And I cook a lot.

Anyway, back to you. Hang in there and KEEP WRITING. I believe in you.

Until next time. Have a most excellent night.

-Ivy AKA Whisk

Jack Badelaire said...

My apartment needs serious re-purposing in order to become more "writing friendly". Glad you set up a space for your writing separate from the cooking.

And I hope to do some more actual book writing tonight and tomorrow night as well - hope to get in at least a couple thousand words before the weekend.

Don't be a stranger!

The Happy Whisk said...

I used to have a writing desk in the sewing room but could no longer use the desk (got my spine fixed and the desk just didn't work anymore). So that's when the kitchen table writing started. Now I have the nook.

Come on by my blog sometime and have a chat. Or check out some of the writing blogs on my Jelly Roll. We have some good writers, gamers, artists, photographers in the group. Lots of talent.

Hope you get your words in. I betcha will. I'll be back again to see how you're doing. Happy Writing and KEEP GOING.