Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Modern Horror Fans - You Need to Meet THE DEAD MAN

I've had the great opportunity to read and review the first two installments of writer Lee Goldberg's new serial adventure series, THE DEAD MAN.

I've been asked to avoid any spoilers, so I'll just say that the plot involves a young man who suffers a traumatic event, and afterward, finds himself exposed to a mysterious secret he never knew existed. To quote the Amazon.com page for THE DEAD MAN - Face of Evil:
Matthew Cahill is an ordinary man leading a simple life...until a shocking accident changes everything. Now he can see a nightmarish netherworld of unspeakable evil and horrific violence that nobody else does...

For Cahill, each day is a journey into a dark world he knows nothing about...a quest for the answers to who he is and what he has become...and a fight to save us, and his soul, from the clutches of pure evil.
You can read the full review I wrote for Face of Evil here on the Post Modern Pulps Blog. This review was so well received that I was asked to read and review the second installment in the series, Ring of Knives. You can find my RoK review here.

And the review of Lee Goldberg's newly-republished 80's vigilante thriller JUDGMENT can be found here. Goldberg is putting out newly revised versions of the JURY series soon, in both single issues (including the fourth book, which never saw print) and an omnibus version. I can't wait to get my hands on them and get a review out - really fun stuff.

Since I know there are a lot of fans of action novels as well as modern horror / adventure / fantasy who read T&B, I figure some of you might find this new series interesting. As I stated in my review of RoK:

After having read the first two installments of DEAD MAN, I feel I can say with some confidence that this is the future of serial adventure fiction; short, snappy page-flippers that provide a solid hour (or two, or three) of exciting literary entertainment delivered right to you instantly through the Internet. As long as prices continue to stay low and quality continues to remain high, I see the DEAD MAN series having a long and successful publication run, the pioneer for what is sure to be many more serials to come. This is going to become, in more ways than one, a return to the era of the classic serial pulps, and I for one couldn't be happier.
For those of you who are interested in independent eBook publishing, but don't know if you can muster the fortitude to write a whole novel - here you go. This is going to be the tip of the spearhead movement towards serial adventure short novel fiction, monthly 15-25K adventures for a low price that you can buy, download, and read as soon as they are available.

I'll be keeping you posted as these events unfold.

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