Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Review: THE DEAD MAN #3 Hell in Heaven

Over at the Post-Modern Pulps Blog, my other home on the Web where I talk about all things pulp-fiction-y, I've just put up a review of the third DEAD MAN book. Rather than repeat it all, I'll just provide a link to the review:

Book Review: THE DEAD MAN #3 Hell in Heaven

I will however copy a bit of my review here, to show it's applicability for the Sword & Sorcery fans who typically read my blog:

By tapping into the sort of stories written by Howard and Leiber that I feel defined the 30's Sword & Sorcery pulps, and a generation later the post-modern pulps of such writers as Gardner Fox and Karl Wagner, Hell in Heaven further cements THE DEAD MAN series as a crossroads of pulp action, a storyline open and flexible enough to accommodate any niches or sub-genres. This means that as each new author comes in to write the next volume in the series, they have the artistic license to approach the story from the angle they find the most comfortable, ensuring a lot of variety and quality in these stories for a long time to come.
Swing by the PMP Blog and give the rest of the review a read...

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